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Flagship line of all AudioSolutions products. It naturally evolved from Vantage Classic speakers. The difference takes place not only in outer looks with completely fresh lines and outlines, but also manufacturing materials, technique and overall evolution in designing such complicated loudspeakers as a system of many components working in perfect harmony.

Designed to be much more rigid construction compared to all previous models AudioSolutions had produced. SBP plywood is used (Siberian Birch Plywood) for internal labyrinth structure as well as for sidewalls and curved top. Siberian Birch grows slower than simple birch, thus making it much denser and tighter. Whole structure is modeled with best software available for resonance free surfaces. Actually properties of our cabinet from SBP plywood results in structure which properties are better than aluminum. Due to many bent surfaces, plywood has left some internal stress which damps any resonances with ease. This technique of leaving some stress in materials was used by AudioSolutions from the very beginning. Step by step this technique was developed to what we manufacture today – 18 layers sandwich of thin rectangular orientated wood sheets along with some HDF in critical layers glued together with three types of glue differing in hardness when cured.



Vantage M (medium) is middle sized speaker in the range. Created under the same philosophy as other products in the range – to have the same scale of sound among all sizes of speakers in range and have been devoted for special purposes. Like model B is devoted for short listening distances, or model S for normal distances but smaller rooms, Vantage M is devoted to be used in everyday environment with 30-100 sq.m room (bigger if acoustically treated). Despite being from the “big speaker breed” Vantage M looks and feels like smaller speaker in room due to clever design, but punches with attitude which reminds that they are surely from “big speakers breed”.

Designed around fresh 6” wideband midrange driver and supported by customized beryllium tweeter. Accompanied by down firing aluminum cone 10” subwoofer and two front firing 6.5” paper woofers. The company of five drivers per speaker makes Vantage Anniversary small but mighty.

As a standard in AudioSolutions products mini horn is introduced here to enhance tweeter performance by lowering distortions and raising efficiency in critical region.

Cabinet decorated with highly durable top coat made from crushed stone and polyurethane lacquer gives speaker durability and effect of matte surface with glittering particles. Very unique and stylish accent which give looks of broken stone piece.

Never used before top-grade 3D vinyl is used to decorate back and cut-out of sidewall. Much concern was said about durability of such material during design phase. But damage tests proved that this material is actually tougher than any veneer, leather, even paints. We feel very confident about our decision to use such materials in our products. New vinyl textures gives customer completely new view to speaker and for us – designers it opens new horizons to work with.



Dimensions (HxWxD) : 1421 mm x 460 mm x 650 mm

Weight : 75 kg each

Sensitivity : 92 dB @ 2.83V 1m

Recommended power amplifier : 50-500 W rms

Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms;

Crossover frequency : 50, 200, 8000 Hz

Frequency response (in-room environment) : 21-30000 Hz

Drivers : 2,5 cm beryllium dome tweeter, 17 cm Egyptian Papyrus mid, two 18 cm SPC paper bass drivers, 26 cm aluminium woofer



Beryllium tweeter

WBT tri-wiring terminals

Siberian birch plywood enclosure

Top grade Jantzen crossover parts

3D hexa-textured top grade vinyl

Vivid outlines (colour customizable)

Lacquer and crushed stone powder mix top coat for surface durability

Exceptional hexa-style feet covers of colour matching outlines






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